Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cab Driver Shocks SW Engineer

Cab Driver Shocks SW Engineer @ Google 

��Looks can be deceptiveâ��- this applies not just for pretty girls but also for cab drivers, especially the cab drivers of Google Company. 

It is heard that usually, per dropping they get Rs 300, per trip Rs 600. In Google for drop they get Rs 500, for trip Rs 1000. Totally, they make three trips per day and per month, they make Rs 90000. Diesel and other expenses cost Rs 20000. So, their total income is Rs 70k. 

Recently, during one such dropping, a software engineer tasted the other side of reality. It is heard that he was constantly keeping fights with his driver nagging him to drive properly, apply brakes carefully, not give jerks etc. One day, the driver stopped the car and the following conversation ensued- 

D- Get down the car once 
SE- Why? 
D- I say, get down (in affirmative low voice) 
The SE got down instantly. The driver also got and down and shut the door. 
D- Brother.. how much is your salary? 
SE- Why do you ask? 
D- I ask, you tell me (in sharp bold voice) 
SE- 25 k per month 
D- If I work hard I will get Rs 1 lakh per month, now I am getting Rs 70k. You are educated and I am not. But you donâ
��t have culture. I am watching your behaviour from 4-5 days. Though I am not educated, I have respect for the educated people. But let me tell you..I donâ��t know what I will do if you continue to behave like this. I know how to get a job elsewhere and have good relations with my bosses. That way, I am a senior in Google. Your job is different, my job is different, because I am a driver donâ��t underestimate me. You just came out in the world from a world of books, I have seen the rough world you have never seen even in your dreams. 

With this, the software guy started sweatingâ
¦.the talk continued.. 

D- Donâ
��t worry, I show the roughness only when required. But ensure that you don�t push me again like this. Now go and sit in the car⦠

Without a second word, the young software engineer came to the ground and silently got into the car. All this was reported by his colleague who was present in the cab along with him.